Callpod Phoenix Bluetooth for 5 users

Callpod Phoenix Bluetooth for 5 users. Callpod, a company behind the 6-devices-at-once charger and the ultra long range Bluetooth headset, recently unveiled Phoenix - the Bluetooth 2.0 conferencing device, which allows joining 5 headsets and a mobile phone or Skype. Callpod Phoenix is wireless and fully rechargeable via a mini USB. As for the battery, the specs suggest it can handle 10 hours of work. The device features 2 buttons — 1 for pairing and one power on/off, and 8 LEDs (5 headsets, 1 phone, 1 power, 1 pairing).

According to Callpod, Phoenix covers area of up to 300,000+ sq ft, supports push-to-talk, while providing the participants with full-duplex conference calling with no voice cancellation.

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