ShakeLock for Symbian - Shake Phone to un/Lock

ShakeLock for Symbian - Shake Phone to un/Lock. ShakeLock is a very simple application that runs in the background and uses the accelerometer inside Nseries devices. Shake the phone up and down to lock, left and right to unlock. It’s handy for those of us who digg monoblocks, people with sliders already have some sort of protection guaranteed and clamshell owners need not apply.

It is really simple to operate this program, where up and down shakes equal to lock and right and left equal to unlock the phone’s keypad. The application is in progress and therefore it’s not released to the public, however Teo from Symbian-Freak is a friend of Manu, so he might do the favour to some people. In the youtube comments someone asked if this can be activated while the phone is in your pocket wiggling about. It seems possible, but highly unlikely.