Change Fonts on Windows Mobile 5 & 6

Change Fonts on Windows Mobile 5 & 6. Merlin_reloaded and g77 over at XDA-developers forums has put together an easy solution to change the fonts on your Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC and Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional (and possibly some WinMo Smartphone devices as well) handset.

The font-changing procedure is as easy as downloading the .cab file of your choosing (there’s one each for Myriad, Calibri, or Segeo UI) and installing it on your smartphone. A simple restart of the WM handset should result in a system font change-over - try Segeo UI, it’s the default Vista font.

If you don’t like the font change, simply go to Settings>Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the font-package. You can then download and install another .cab font package and give that particular font a whirl. Grab the .cab files here. You’ll have to register with XDA, but if you use WinMo, you should be registered there already anyway. There are instructions to upload Windows fonts to your handset, but if you want a quick-and-easy method, you’ll want to stick with the .cab files.

Download .cab files here > XDA-developers forum