Opera Mobile 9.5 Demo Video

Opera Mobile 9.5 Demo Video. This is Follow up from last post, Opera Mobile 9.5 Unveiled. Opera Mobile 9.5 features iPhone Safari-esque functionality. Tthe full-HTML, touch-based zooming, tabbed browsing, and panning features on the iPhone’s Safari browser set the bar pretty high, and Opera Mobile 9.5 seems to have met that level of browsing excellence.

Opera Mobile 9.5 Features when it hits public beta this summer.
+ Intuitive user interface
+ Page overview, zooming and panning
+ Call phone number from Web page
+ Improved text wrap
+ Tabbed browsing
+ Landscape mode
+ History and bookmarks
+ Small Screen Rendering
+ Password manager
+ Send link as SMS/MMS
+ Send image as SMS/MMS
+ Save Web page for future offline access
+ Web-address input auto-completion
+ Copy text
+ Opera Widgets

Opera Mobile 9.5 Video > Unwired View had the chance to visit with the Opera reps at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and they were able to get a quick demo video of the new Opera Mobile 9.5.