Disney Mobile Phone - DM001SH

Disney Mobile Phone - DM001SH. Disney Mobile DM001SH is the first handset offering from the revived MVNO - basically a rebranded Sharp 821SH. In addition to the Disney branding. DM001SH offers the same 3G radio, 2 megapixel camera, 400 x 240 display (60 x 32 external display), one-seg mobile TV, and FeliCa that you’ll find on the Sharp 821SH.

Disney Mobile Japan is aiming at the 20-30 year old female demographic (which presumably consumes more Disney content than US ‘tweens). And, with color choices like “Shiny Silver,” “Sparkling Pink,” and “Glittering Gold” we’re sure the female demographics will be more than a little receptive. The service will launch on March 1 with a bit more flash than in the US.

DM001SH has a special feature, the D-button, on the keyboard. Users can access a portal site called “Disney Web” with the touch of a button. The Website is run in cooperation with Yahoo!Japan. DM001SH will be available at SoftBank Shops and electronics retail stores in Japan as well as from the Disney Mobile Website. Sales targets have “yet to be decided,” according to Disney.