Sprint Palm Treo 755p ROM v1.07

Sprint Palm Treo 755p ROM v1.07. Palm has released an updated ROM for Sprint Palm Treo 755p owners. The new Treo 755p ROM v1.07 is a bit vague on update-details, but you can be sure that the new firmware will bring “a tune-up that improves audio, stability, software quality and device usability.”

Palm Treo 755p ROM v1.07 is 18.4MB and is available over HotSync or SD-card installation for Windows users. Mac users will need to flash the new firmware through the SD-card installation method. And, make sure you set aside a good 45 minutes for the update. Anyway, MS Windows users can flash their device over HotSync or SD-card installation; Mac users can only use the SD-card installation method.

Download the Palm Treo 755p firmware v1.07 ROM > here. (18.4MB)