IM Flash Technologies creates 8GB SLC high-speed NAND memory chip

IM Flash Technologies creates 8GB Single-level Cell high-speed NAND memory chip. Intel and Micron’s joint venture, IM Flash Technologies, has made a new breakthrough in NAND flash memory technology. The company has created an 8GB SLC (single-level cell) high-speed NAND memory chip that is capable of 200Mbps read and 100Mbps write speeds. Compared to the current 40Mbps read and 20Mbps write speeds, the new technology represents a significant improvement.

The new high-speed technology complies with the (Open NAND Flash Interface) 2.0 specification, according to Micron. And, as prices on these memory chips start to level out, we’ll likely be seeing these high-speed jobbies start to hit mobile phones with a need for speedy memory.

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