Rogers Canada Unlimited Plan - for iPhone ?

Rogers Canada Unlimited Plan - for iPhone ? Rogers Canada is the only GSM network in Canada that is compatible with the iPhone. And, as such, Rogers’ lack of GSM competition has led to high data rates from the carrier. Many believe that the ridiculous data rates have been a major obstacle to bringing the iPhone to Canada. In the US, AT&T’s combined iPhone service and data plans start at just $59.99 for 450 anytime minutes, 5000 additional night and weekend minutes, and unlimited data. But in Canada, a comparable iPhone plan would run $295 with Rogers.

Well, it looks like Rogers is changing their ways. As early as today, Rogers is expected to go live with a new data pricing structure that will give Canadian GSM-fans unlimited data for just $20 per month. The unlimited data plan, which Rogers is calling the “Communicate Value Pack,” has been speculated to signal Rogers’ preparation for the iPhone. This news follows on previous rumors that Rogers would launch the iPhone in January. While others believe that the unlimited data plan pricing is a response from Canadian-rival Bell Canada’s $7 unlimited data plan for their HTC Touch, there is talk that Rogers is finally making some progress in getting the iPhone into Canadian territory.

Unfortunately, Rogers’ new $20 Communication Value Pack is presently limited to just web browsing on cell phones with only those browsers authorized by Rogers for the plan. Browsing through other means, as well as use of email clients over the network, will continue to incur a 5 cents/KB charge.