Meizu M8 - Chinese iPhone Clone gets Patent

Meizu M8 - Chinese iPhone Clone gets Patent. Meizu M8 MiniOne is a touch-controlled, multimedia and internet-enabled smartphone. It is popularly regarded as a Chinese iPhone clone due to its similarity to the features, UI, and physical design of the Apple iPhone. There was a time when patents were issued to devices and ideas that were novel and contributed to innovation. Well, at least that’s how it used to work in the US. However, with the recent USPTO patent describing a “smartphone” having been awarded to a patent-holding firm, it’s clear that we’re no longer in an age where patents require true innovation.

with the US patent system a seeming joke, it’s not too surprising to see that the Chinese patent office has published Meizu’s M8 design-patent. Meizu apparently filed the patent back in February of last year, but the patent office just recently published the application. Of course, with the iPhone’s expected arrival in China, it’s unclear whether the patent application will be approved. Then again, seeing as how this patent application was filed in the land of no trademark/copyright consideration, we almost expect Meizu to be granted this patent.

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