Sony Ericsson G700-G900

Sony Ericsson G700-G900. Sony Ericsson launched a new generation of phone: Touchscreen organisers with a broad appeal. The G900 and G700 phones are essential tools designed to organise the lives of all those with busy schedules to juggle, both at home and at work. The new G-series from Sony Ericsson was launched at Mobile World Congress Barcelona as the Swedish-Japanese firm’s “touchscreen organizer” offering.

Sony Ericsson is touting this pair of handsets as a “personal organiser in-your-pocket keeps your contacts, calendars, notes, pictures and favourite Web sites all in one place and just a fingertip away.” By which we presume that the Sony Ericsson G900 and G700 will be pulling PDA-duty for the smartphone set.

Sony Ericsson G700 phone
+ 3,2 megapixel camera
+ One-touch full organiser functions
+ Large 2.4″ display with unique single touch control menu
+ Touch controlled Notes application - write and draw your memo’s
+ Compact size

Sony Ericsson G900 phone
+ 5.0 megapixel camera with touch Auto focus and Multi-shot function
+ One touch media experience
+ Large 2.4″ display with single touch control menu
+ One- touch media and organiser menu
+ Wi-Fi™ for high speed data transfer and internet browsing

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