Unlock App for OTB v4.6 Bootloader iPhone

Unlock App for OTB v4.6 Bootloader iPhone. If you’re running an older iPhone with the Bootloader v3.9 (updated to the jailbroken v1.1.2 or v1.1.3 firmware, of course), then you’ve already got a simple software unlock solution in anySIM 1.3 (in the last post)- this unlock method doesn’t apply to you (just go here and unlock your iPhone with anySIM 1.3). However, if you’ve recently bought your iPhone and it came OTB (out of the box) with the v1.1.2 or v1.1.3 firmware, then you’re SOL. Or, rather, you were SOL.

The kid-genius GeoHot who made the initial iPhone unlocking breakthroughs that earned him a couple new iPhones and a new sports-car.
George Hotz has made another breakthrough in iPhone unlocking. Newer iPhones running the v4.6 Bootloader can now be unlocked!

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