Sprint Samsung M520, ACE Now Official

Sprint Samsung M520, ACE Now Official. Sprint has announced the availability of two Samsung phones. First one is the Samsung M520, the mid-range clamshell device that comes with 1.3 MP camera, Bluetooth, EVDO, microSD card slot and a GPS receiver. Naturally, this one’s cheaper and you can grab one for $49.99, again with a 2-year contract.

In an another release, Sprint’s talking about the Samsung ACE, the full QWERTY-keyboard equipped smartphone that runs Windows Mobile 6 Standard edition, and also boasts such goodies as stereo Bluetooth, EV-DO, 1.3 MP camera, microSD slot, and SIM card slot so you can roam between CDMA and GSM networks around the world. For $199.99 with an appropriate 2-year contract, we’re kinda sure it will sell well especially among the frequent travelling suits.

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