Top 10 - 3D Performance Cellphones

Top 10 - 3D Performance Cellphones. The results come from Hungarian company Kishonti, which specialises in measuring the performance of mobile devices. It uses it’s GLBenchmark to run the graphics on the handset, and generate a rating. And to re-iterate, this is a specific 3D test - so it doesn’t follow these are the best devices for 3D gaming, or other tasks - nonetheless, the results are interesting!

Nokia NSeries came out tops with its N93 taking first position, there’s also the Motorola Z8 along with a couple of Dell PDA’s. Here’s the results :

1. Nokia N93 (442 frames)
2. Nokia N93i (433 frames)
3. Nokia N95 (413 frames)
4. Dell Axim X51v (412 frames)
5. Nokia N95 8GB (395 frames)
6. Nokia N82 (392 frames)
7. Dell Axim X50v (390 frames)
8. Motorola RIZR Z8 (389 frames)
9. Nokia E90 (386 frames)
=10. Sony Ericsson P1i (171 frames)
=10. Sony Ericsson P990i (171 frames)
=10. Sony Ericsson M600i (171 frames)
=10. Sony Ericsson W950i (171 frames)