T-Mobile Hotspot @Home

T-Mobile Hotspot @Home. T-Mobile has just announced another @Home trial in Dallas and Seattle. The HotSpot @Home Talk Forever Home Phone plan allows T-Mobile wireless subscribers to ditch their traditional hardwired phones in favor of a Linksys WRTU54G router.

The new HotSpot @Home Talk Forever Home Phone plan costs an additional $10 per month (billed to your T-Mo wireless bill) allows customers to plug their telephones into the $50 (with contract) Linksys WRTU54G router. Customers in Seattle and Dallas talk to their hearts content without using up those precious wireless minutes. A single-line plan of $39.99 or higher, or any FamilyTime® mobile plan $49.99 or higher is required to add-on the new HotSpot @Home Talk Forever Home Phone plan.

We’re not sure when this trial will hit other markets, but if the HotSpot @Home trial is any indication, we can expect a wider market rollout in the near future.

More information is available from > talkforever.t-mobile.com