Vodafone 227 - 228

Vodafone 227 - 228. Vodafone has announced two new own branded mobile phones - Vodafone 227 (clamshell) and Vodafone 228 (slider) during the Mobile World Congress. The former looks very much like the utilitarian Nokia 2650, while the 228 is uninspiring to say the least.

The Vodafone 227 and Vodafone 228 handsets were designed as low-cost solutions for those wanting an affordable yet stylish handset. V227 is a clamshell phone while V228 is a sliding handset. Both phones come with colored display, text and voice services, vibrating alert, and matching headsets.

Both look set to be entry-level handsets, featuring GSM dual band, voice and text capabilities, a color display of unknown resolution and size, vibration, and a headphone socket. With these two, Vodafone is targeting emerging markets but also people in Europe who want a simple phone that can take and make phone calls and do the “SMS thing.”

No price or availability for either of these yet.