Aura Mobile BT Speakerphone from Spracht

Aura Mobile BT Speakerphone from Spracht. Aura Mobile BT Speakerphone from Spracht features echo and noise cancellation and promises to work without software. It’s also compatible with Skype, Yahoo messenger and most VOIP call programs but it’s greatest aspect is its portability factor.

“The Aura Mobile BT technology is the ultimate option for hands-free communication,” said Trace Williams, VP Sales & Marketing for Spracht. “We designed the Aura Mobile to provide business quality speaker phone communication – ideal for everyone from the executive user to moms on the go. The Aura Mobile offers users quality sound anywhere the day may take them; whether it be the car, a hotel room, an office setting, or even the beach.

This device is definitely suit for you who’s suddenly have a conference call when you’re on the go. The Spracht Aura Mobile BT retails for $129. Included with purchase are a wall charger, car charger, VoIP cable, cordless phone cable, and an external microphone for large conference rooms or noisy areas.

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