Motorola Firmware Updates (T-Mobile, Verizon)

Motorola Firmware Updates (T-Mobile, Verizon). Motorola released a firmware update to the Verizon-branded Motorola Q9m Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard smartphone, the Verizon Motorola K1m, and the T-Mobile Motorola W490.

For Verizon Motorola Q9m, The update apparently bumps up your Windows Mobile installation from AKU 0.2 to AKU 0.6, and updates the baseband radio to firmware version 03.20.29P. Motorola has also bumped up the firmware version on their Verizon Motorola K1m and T-Mobile Motorola W490. The new firmware version on the Moto K1m is 01.19.08, but we it’s not clear if what version number the new W490 firmware is. Head on over to Moto’s software update site and enter your info to download the updates.

You can download Motorola firmware updates from